Career Choice thru Metaphysics

One day, I’d love to have a speaking engagement, amongst the young ones and talk about career options. To save them from stress, money and resources in dealing with career blunders.

When my daughter was contemplating what course to take on in college, I gave her choices. Luckily, she decided amongst the options I gave her, so off she went. There will be no guarantee that she’ll be happy or have an easy journey, but it will one day serve the purpose why she even considered taking on the course.

Did I influence her using my knowledge in Metaphysics? Appallingly, I did. If you could foresee 10 years from now, that on her life chart, she could be this person, then why not sacrifice 4-5 years time of preparation that will yield her maximum benefit of a good future ahead? By then when she has the means, she can take on any interests that would fancy her. Improve more on her goals and be successful as any parent would pray their child to be.

The greatest challenge in my field as a Fengshui practitioner is how to convince people to conform to the methods I want them to do. People are amazed to see the tip of the iceberg, but they are not aware of the toil and years to build the foundation to be move high and be seen on the surface.

Likened to driving a car. It’s advantageous to check on the necessities from gas to air to engine and so forth before embarking on a trip. On the road, I mentally assess where is the shortest and safest route to pass thru. And atlast, when destination is reached, I’m happy to have arrived safe and timely for whatever event that I came for.

MmSuccessful career path works the same way. Choose wisely your preparatory tool to achieve your goal. Entail effort and right support to guide your way. It won’t hurt, to reach out.